Concrete thrilled! You too?

Faidt Ludwig, born in 1956


Chemist - organ.Chemistry
(Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Munich 1984)

Master of Science - "Water and Environmental Engineering"
(Leibniz-Univ. Hannover 2008)

Ergonomics and Economics (TU Munich)

Employment and experience:

Managing Partner of Thumshirn Group of 1985-2004 (120 employees in concrete factories, Construction, Project Construction Company)

independent engineering firm since 2007

Management experience in the precast concrete industry (commercial and technical)

Production line (casting and Rüttelpreßverfahren, automatic and semi-automatic. Circulatory systems, special and individual production)

Internal and external monitoring, Zertfizierungen

product experience much more constructive in finished parts for the industrial and residential buildings, manhole systems, monolithic container production, urn grave and chamber wall systems, cable ducts, road construction, concrete block, Amphibians

numerous courses and training in concrete technology and in the application of construction chemicals

various product developments and manufacturing patents or registrations

Research in various associations and working groups of the concrete industry

Scientific contacts. Research institutions and universities